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Acai Berry

Feel the Good every day with immune support from Emergen-C® dietary supplements, packed with vitamins, antioxidants† and electrolytes.*

Ah-Sigh-Ee Fruit Smoothie

Make your açaí berry smoothie even better with this Ah-Sigh-Ee Fruit Smoothie recipe. Just mix in Emergen-C for extra vitamin C and other antioxidants†.

Berry Banana Blend

Craving a healthy berry smoothie? This Berry Banana Blend recipe combines berries, banana and Emergen-C for a fizzy treat that you can enjoy every day.

Berry Berry Bad Smoothie

This Berry Berry Bad Smoothie recipe blends Emergen-C into your healthy berry smoothie for a new way to get antioxidants† , electrolytes and vitamin C.

Berry Energizing Blend

Power up your day! This Berry Energizing Blend recipe combines berries, banana and Emergen-C Energy+ vitamin drink mix for a delicious treat.