take the #40pounds challenge The Transformation Clean Water Brings

Emergen-C is a proud partner of charity: water. Through our multi-year commitment, we are embarking on a clean water project to help bring safe drinking water to communities in Ethiopia. Together, we’re not just transforming water; we're transforming lives.

Picture the possibilities for women and kids in these communities when clean water is accessible. Emerge and See Opportunity. Emerge and See Time. Emerge and See Education. Emerge and See Health. Emerge and See the Transformation.

Emerge and See Time

Why water? For people in developing countries like Ethiopia, access to clean water changes everything. Women and girls in Ethiopia spend up to 3 hours each day gathering water for their families. With accessible clean water, women and children can get this valuable time back and spend it with their loved ones, change their future, start a business, and lead healthier lives.


Emerge and See Health

Clean water makes communities healthier. In fact, approximately 16,000 lives can be saved every week. Plus, clean water to wash and bathe can boost self-esteem in women and girls.


Emerge and See Education

Less time collecting water means more time in the classroom, especially for girls. And in communities with access to clean water, education extends beyond the classroom. Individuals are trained to make repairs in order to keep the water flowing in their own communities and those around them.


Emerge and See Opportunity

With access to clean water, farmers can grow fruits and vegetables to generate an income. Communities with clean water, as a whole, experience a boost in their economies.


Donate Today

There’s a water crisis right now, and you can join us and charity: water in our efforts to solve it. Learn more by visiting charitywater.org.