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Emergen-C people, like you, are fun-loving energetic types; on the go, healthy and active - not to mention most are great at contributing to the community. Emergen-C wants to be that good buddy cheering you on! That's why we’ve created the Emergen-C SHARE THE GOOD Sponsorship – a way you can request Emergen-C vitamin drink mix packets to support the events and activities most important to you.

  • Are there any fees for a sponsorship?

    If you are one of the lucky sponsorships picked, there are no fees. We even take care of the shipping arrangements!

  • How much Emergen-C will I get?

    It all depends on the event and how many people participate. However, we are limited in how many free product samples we can provide. Each sponsorship request will be individually reviewed and we'll let you know how much fizzy goodness we can provide. If your needs exceed our limit, please find a store near you.

  • What if you've sponsored my event in the past?

    We would love to continue to sponsor your event, but we can't promise that we will always have enough product for your future events. Please resubmit an application every time your event occurs, and we will do our best.

  • What types of events does Emergen-C SHARE THE GOOD Sponsorship support?

    We like to SHARE THE GOOD at events that support healthy lifestyles and promote overall fun. You know, things like sporting and charitable events (as long as they're good for ya).

  • If I submit my application on time and my event is a perfect fit for Emergen-C, does that mean I will automatically be sponsored?

    Sponsorships are not given automatically. Being on time and a good fit increases your chances, however we can't guarantee all submissions will be fulfilled. Luckily, in case we can’t sponsor or endorse your event, Emergen-C is available at fine retailers nationwide. Find a store that carries Emergen-C here.

  • Any restrictions?

    Due to the significant amount of requests we receive, in order to be considered for an Emergen-C SHARE THE GOOD Sponsorship, we need to receive your application at least 45 days in advance of the date of your event.

    As much as we would like to sponsor everyone who asks, we can’t say yes to everyone (there’s a lot of you out there!).

    We respectfully ask that if you request Emergen-C vitamin drink mix at your event, please do not get co-sponsored by other vitamin drink mixes or competitors' products. It's like having your ex-girlfriend there… awkward!

    Although we love all the people of the world, we can only send product samples to U.S. events at this time. (Sorry, Icelandic Pogo Stick Jumping Contest.) We are also unable to sponsor events associated with political or religious organizations.