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Oranges, strawberries, and blueberries


Emerge and See a Great Day, Every Day!

Greatness is achieved through consistency and we believe there are small, positive, daily rituals that help us become our best. Taking an immune support* supplement can be one of those daily rituals. That’s why we created Emergen-C. Explore our immune support* products below, and make taking one part of your daily routine to greatness.

A daily dose of Emergen-C’s

goodness for everyday immune

support.* Available in Gummies,

Chewables, and 10 flavors of

fizzy drink mixes.


New and improved with a Triple Action

Formula that activates, supports,

and fortifies~ your immune system.*

Available in fun fizzy flavors

and delightful chewy ones.


Try our latest, no-water-needed, pour-

in-your-mouth, crystals popping

immune support* product—especially

great for kids and those on the go!



Package of Emergen-C Probiotics+ Orange

Naturally Support Your
Immune Health*

Package of Emergen-C Energy+ Blueberry Acai

With Natural Caffeine from
Green Tea and B Vitamins to
Support Overall Well-being.

Package of Emergen-C Hydration+ Lemon-Lime

With Key Electrolytes & As
Much Potassium as a Banana**

Packet of Emergen-Zzz Nighttime Sleep Aid Berry PM

Melatonin to Naturally
Promote Sleep & Relaxation‡*

Support your little one’s immune

system* with delicious flavors

they’ll love.



Try immune support* and

botanicals including

Elderberry, Turmeric & Ginger,

Ashwagandha and more.



Get to know your immune system, Learn how to support it and what you can do to help it thrive.*



Support your immune system with these delicious recipes from Emergen-C.*


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