Emergen-C + charity: water
A Partnership for Good

Emergen-C is a proud partner of charity: water. We’re not just transforming water; we're transforming lives. Through our multi-year commitment, we are embarking on a clean water project to help bring safe drinking water to communities in Ethiopia.

Together, we’re raising awareness about the struggles women and girls experience to obtain clean drinking water every day in communities of Ethiopia. Help us Lift the Burden by donating to charity: water today! Then, visit our NEWSROOM for the latest updates and information on our partnership, our products and more.

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Keeping You Involved Every Step of the Way

Emergen-C is a proud partner of charity: water. Through our multi-year commitment, we’re helping to fund six water projects that will give communities in Ethiopia access to clean and safe water. Each project represents multiple wells and clean water sources. Over the course of 21 months, our donations are funding the construction of local wells that will completely transform communities, while providing them with the resources and knowledge they need to manage their new water source moving forward. Track our progress below, and check back for future updates on how our partnership is helping change lives.


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Explore the Project Tracker to see the step-by-step progress on our well project across Ethiopia.

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Project 1: Planning Begins

We’re setting out to bring clean water to 20 communities! To get started, we enter the initial planning phase. charity: water is working with The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), a local implementing partner, to secure permits and supplies, select sites, and begin work of bringing clean water to communities in Ethiopia. Meet REST and learn more about our planning process here.

Project 1: Breaks Ground

Construction is underway on 20 hand-dug wells! In areas made up of sand gravel, weathered rocks, and soft clay, hand-dug wells are a common way of accessing groundwater that is at a shallow depth. Hand-dug wells provide more storage, which may be required in areas where it takes longer for a well to refill between uses. Even more, the larger dimensions of hand-dug wells make them easier to maintain and repair.

Project 2: Planning Begins

We're bringing clean water to 16 more communities with charity: water! Thanks to your support, we're making a huge impact. Now, field coordinators and hydrogeologists on the ground are working to ensure that all water projects are planned and constructed with quality-controlled materials, based on the depth and availability of water, and proceed on schedule.