At Emergen-C®, we’re dedicated to supporting your immune system, health and wellness so you can Emerge Your Best every day. From tips on how to maintain your energy to healthy routines that support the immune system year-round, browse our articles to learn more about how you can feel the good! Emergen-C® is there for every step of your wellness journeys. We hope to provide inspiration and helpful tips on immune health, diet, exercise, mindfulness, total wellness and more.

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Vitamin C

You probably know vitamin C as the standout vitamin in your morning glass of OJ, or the thing your mom still tells you to have ... READ MORE

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Immune System

No one really gives the human body—and its immune system—the credit both deserve until they’re stuck in bed, coughing up ... READ MORE

This Is What Stress Does to the Gut

You know that what you eat can affect your gut (hello, probiotics!), but did you know that your mental health is also connected... READ MORE

Is a Walk or Meditation Better to Chill Out?

Most of the time, you’re the queen of killing it. But unfortunately, things can’t always go perfectly your way.

4 Health Phone Habits to Incorporate Every Day

Cell phones shouldn’t be a cause of stress.

What is Moon Milk? And Can It Really Help You Sleep?

Forget whole and skim. These days, it feels like you can't click or swipe through social media without hearing about a new milk... READ MORE

Why Energy Management is Just as Important as Time Management

You can get more done in an hour in the morning than in that same amount of time in the afternoon—or the middle of the night.... READ MORE

7 Ways to Work Out in a Small Space

Whether you’re traveling or just can’t make it to the gym, you don’t need much room to get in an effective workout.



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