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Why do our fans love Emergen-C®? Check out these Emergen-C® fueled stories about the fruity, fizzy fun that comes from our lovable vitamin-packed drink mixes. Add them to your daily routine and emerge and see a healthy balance every day. Share your story with us, too.

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"In 2007, my husband David and I ditched the American Dream, quit our jobs, threw our stuff in storage, and set off on an around-the world journey through 27 countries in 14 months. Emergen-C was one of the first things we packed."

-  Molly M.

"While deployed to Iraq from January to December of 2010, I was subjected to dramatic changes in temperature. In the span of a few months, it went from 80F to 137F+! I took Emergen-C daily and requested it be included in all of my care packages. The vitamins and minerals kept me going throughout the deployment."

-  Joe N.