Reviving Your Wellness Plan Post-Winter

Reviving Your Wellness Plan Post-Winter

Even the most active and health-conscious person can admit that winters are a bit slower and tougher when it comes to maintaining a healthy routine. Even for those who don’t skip a beat rain or shine (or snow!), it’s easy to deprioritize self-care during the cold winter months.

Wellness has been taking a new shape in 2017. Here’s a few ways it’s becoming more than juice cleanses or cliché once-a-week fitness classes, and transforming into complete 360 immersive experiences:

1. Wellness Retreats

Don’t make wellness part of the vacation, make it THE vacation.

Typically when we go on vacation, our diet and workout regimen go out the window. But more and more, vacationers are choosing trips curated by leading wellness insiders and fitness instructors.

Instead of viewing vacations as a time to simply step away from the madness, retreats offer time to reflect on your life and recalibrate toward a better self.

Sound good? There’s thousands of retreats to choose from. The best place to start when narrowing down selections are your passion areas and dream destinations. From yoga to trail running, from the U.S. to Bali, the options are endless (and growing!).

2. Fitness & Sport Festivals

It’s more about the memories you’re making than the miles you’re running.

Not all of us can commit to (or afford) a wellness retreat at an exotic destination. Well, the good news is that interactive fitness experiences are popping up everywhere, including our own back yard.

Fitness classes are usually aimed toward creating an experience for the individual, and, in some cases, that’s exactly what we need. But let’s be honest: it’s pretty motivating to have a friend in tow (or maybe you’re the one being towed. Either way, you’re making memories). The standard 5K has been revamped, bringing in ultra-exciting, interactive elements that encourage friends & family members to sweat it out together.

This year, for the first time, Emergen-C is sponsoring The Color Run, AKA the Happiest 5K on Earth, where thousands of participants wear white and are doused with different colors at each kilometer. There are no winners or official times; just a colorful celebration of healthy living, happiness and solidarity. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or can’t recall the last time you ran 5K, the Color Run is for you.

Race participants will also get the chance to try brand new Emergen-C products along with the brand’s original formula, which is designed to provide essential nutrients, including 1,000 mg of immune supporting vitamin C and 7 B vitamins, plus electrolytes to help replenish your body.*

Check out the dates below, grab a friend, and sign up! We hope to see you there.

  • ➢   5/27: Queens, NY
  • ➢   6/04: Chicago, IL
  • ➢   6/11: Boston, MA
  • ➢   6/17: Hershey, PA
  • ➢   6/25: Philly, PA
  • ➢   7/09: Twin Cities, MN
3. Sound Baths

Get out of your head. Get into a sound bath.

The days of back-to-back meetings, never ending to-do lists and deadlines are usually followed by an activity where you try to ‘unplug’. Some might seek this at a gym, but a cardio sesh on the Stairmaster during which you incessantly refresh your Instagram feed doesn’t count in our book.

Enter the Sound Bath. It’s a meditation session designed for those of us who find disconnecting nearly impossible. Let’s set the scene: you’re lying on the floor surrounded with pillows and blankets while a sound practitioner creates a deep reverberating hum with large crystal bowls, much like the sound your finger makes when rubbed along the rim of a wine glass.

In short, Sound Baths offer an improvised meditative concert that supports states of deep relaxation where stress release and healing can occur. If that doesn’t sound like a perfect Sunday afternoon activity, we aren’t sure what does.