Emergen-C is proud to announce our partnership with charity: water. We’re not just transforming water. Through our multi-year commitment, we are helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to communities in Ethiopia.

Together, we’re raising awareness about the struggles women and girls experience to obtain drinking water every day in communities of Ethiopia.

why water?

For people in developing countries like Ethiopia, access to clean water changes everything.

Instead of walking up to 3 hours a day for water, girls can go to school. Plus, attendance increases for all children when water access is near the school.


The time women and girls get back in their day enables them to get an education, start a business and spend time with their families.


Clean water to wash with can boost self-esteem in women and girls.


Clean water makes communities healthier. In fact, approximately 16,000 lives can be saved every week.


Communities with clean water
experience a boost in their economies. Farmers can grow fruits and vegetables to produce an income.


People in the community are trained to make repairs to keep the water flowing in their own communities and those around them.


The weight of a full Jerry Can that women and girls have to carry each day is 40 pounds, the same weight as 2 tires, a 4-year old child or a medium-sized dog.


There’s a water crisis right now. Find out how Water Changes Everything.