It all started
with a fizz
In 1978, Alacer Corp., based out of Southern California, introduced a simple vitamin C plus minerals with B vitamins dietary supplement drink mix, which was quickly embraced by people seeking a refreshing way to support a healthy immune system.* News of this fizzy sensation spread and Emergen-C vitamin drink mix found an impressive following, more and more people began mixing up the original citrus-y flavor to feel the good every day.
The Tradition
While Emergen-C vitamin drink mix was first taken primarily as a delicious way to support your immune system, Emergen-C has grown and expanded its family of products to support a variety of wellness needs.* From everyday healthy routines and occasional sleeplessness* to immune system support* and specialized kids' formulas, there is an Emergen-C product for you. And stay tuned; we're continually developing innovative new ways to meet the needs of our healthy, active fans.
Transforming More
Than Water
Emergen-C has always been committed to giving back. In our early days, we supported nutrition research, as well as the Emergen-C Fund, which raised more than $1,000,000 for worthy causes. These causes include Emergen-C Pink® to benefit breast cancer awareness, research, and prevention efforts, and Emergen-C Kidz® to contribute to Vitamin Angels' efforts. Our current partnership with CHARITY: WATER is raising awareness and helping fund clean and safe drinking water for communities in Ethiopia.

Learn more at www.emergenctransforms.com.