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How is this different from any other vitamin C tablet?

Emergen-C Chewables have two times more vitamin C per chew than the leading immune support chewable and contain other nutrients to help you be at your best. Not to mention they’re tangy and delicious.

Where can I buy Emergen-C Chewables?

Emergen-C Chewables can be found in the vitamin aisle of any major retailer or online at Amazon.com

Are the Emergen-C Chewables Gluten Free?


Can I take them with new Emergen-Zzzz?

Yes, as long as both products are taken as directed.

Can you take it with water?

Sure can, but if you don’t have any water handy, don’t worry about it. Chewables are designed to be chewed—so no water necessary.

How many vitamins and minerals are in each serving of Emergen-C Chewables?

The short answer: a lot! The long answer: each serving of Chewables contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 30 IU of vitamin E, 2 mg of vitamin B6, 150 mcg of biotin, and 5 mg of the mineral zinc, and 60 mg sodium. The Immune+ Chewables contain all of that plus 600 IU of Vitamin D.

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